The underlying reason why the project Open Door to Culture was developed is the problem of a limited access to and possibility of actively participating in culture by inhabitants of small Polish towns.Open Door to Culture is a project encompassing film screenings combined with workshops for pupils, teachers and local communities. What we most care about is the educational aspect of the project, which relates to heightening awareness and knowledge of using legal resources available online, online safety and threats for the Internet users, questions connected with intellectual property protection and film education. The project is directed at many generations and connects instead of making divisions by limiting participation in it.Therefore, the motto of the project is: Be together in culture.

The project Open Door to Culture promotes culture, in particular film. It is implemented as a travelling cinema and film screenings are accompanied by workshops concerning the availability of culture – first and foremost, using legal online sources as well as relating to media and film education. We want to make the beneficiaries of the project realize that legal sources of culture are there in the Internet, show them how to use these sources in a safe way, explain what copyright and intellectual property is. Therefore, we teach how to use online sources of culture simultaneously supporting its authors.

We want to facilitate the access to a full range of artistic activity to the inhabitants of smaller towns. This relates to both direct contact and the Internet. We want to present the diversity of culture we are surrounded by. The educational aspect of the project, which is implemented through workshops, enables the participants to get to know legal sources of culture on the Internet as well as teaches them how to use these sources.

Apart from workshops, training programmes, film screenings, theatre and opera shows in big format, we also organize creative competitions within the scope of Open Door to Culture. At the project’s website classroom scenarios concerning the presented films are available.

The first edition of the project Open Door to Culture finished on December 30th. It was implemented in 30 towns in Poland.

The project was accompanied by sociological research In Circulation fulfilled and financed within the scope of Operational Programme of the Polish Film Institute [Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej]. Education and Promotion of Film Culture. Priority: Research and Development.

Thanks to all these activities we were able to accomplish the fundamental objectives of the project, thus, to remove barriers related to the access to culture in both real and virtual world and to promote a safe use of resources of culture from legal sources. 

The project’s objectives:

  1. Promoting a conscious participation in culture among inhabitants of towns with limited access to culture.
  2. Increasing cultural and social competence of pupils, teachers and other inhabitants of towns with limited access to culture by enabling them to directly participate.
  3. Raising awareness of project participants in the field of access to legal sources of culture on the Internet and using them in the right way.
  4. Developing a local community of culture receivers and initiating cultural activity through educational and animation activities.
  5. Developing pupils’ abilities in the field of film education as well as encouraging them to develop their own artistic interests.
  6. Integration of various social and age groups by the means of culture thanks to generational character of Open Door to Culture.
  7. Raising awareness concerning threats to culture and its receivers which result from using illegal sources.
  8. Familiarizing the beneficiaries with practical aspects of copyright and intellectual property protection at school, in the work of teachers and in everyday life.
  9. Taking up cooperation with schools, culture centers, libraries and non-governmental organizations to present the possibilities of film education.
  10. Making the inhabitants of smaller towns realize that no access to culture does not have to be synonymous with exclusion from cultural life. Encouraging to active participation in culture.
  11. Making the participants of screenings and workshops realize that active participation in culture influences their talents, abilities as well as broadens their knowledge and promotes Polish film.

The project Open Door to Culture constitutes an answer to real needs of those who have limited access to culture.

Project co-financed by:
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Legal Culture Foundation would like to thank all those who contributed to the implementation and success of the project.